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Cambridge Demolition Contractor With over 20 Years Experience in Strip Out and Demolition

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Cambridge Demolition Contractor With over 20 Years Experience in Strip Out and Demolition Throughout Cambridge and Cambridgeshire



Northside Demolition have been carrying out demolition contracts and demolition projects throughout Cambridge and the Cambridgeshire area for over 20 years now. Based at Luton, Northside Demolition are highly experienced with town centre demolitions, office block demolition, internal strip outs, land clearance etc. 

Do you require a quotation? Need assistance? Give Northside Demolition a call today on 01582 412795 or proceed to our contact page.


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  1. Luke Mes

    Great information. Great demolition contractor in the South East.

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  2. Mez Luka

    Thank you very much for this post. I love reading your blogs.

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  3. Jon Ring

    [Routine Test} Please do not reply

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    Thank you for your comments.

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  5. Jem Martin

    Good to see your blog..Thanks for all the great info!!

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  6. Lorie Brown

    Great work..I really agree with your blog Thanks for sharing!!

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  7. Tom Bryant

    We use them

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  8. Steve K

    Very good demo company

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  9. Steve Clancy

    Quality contractor - asbestos removal and Cambridge demolition contractor - recommended on large or small jobs.

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  10. David Humphries

    Hi all at Northside, have to catch up soon. David H

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  11. Steve A

    Good to see you operate around here too. steve.andrew@norther..

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  12. Kevin Hodges

    Hello Northside Demolition, Cambridge is a great place to work - enjoy your work. KH

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  13. Phil

    recommend them. phil@spiersm

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  14. Sean Rinn

    Worked for them before - good outfit!

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  15. Richard Atwell

    Good demolition contractor!

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