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Demoltion Expertise v Chance in Current Climate!

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Despite the current financial and construction crisis, whether it's conventionally required demolition, asbestos removal, strip out, soft strip or site clearance, are contractors as well as organisations not tempted even more so to consider the cheapest bids? With respect to the growing concern from the HSE and the growing foreign labour introduction - safety is surely the  primary key in our demolition industry. Northside Demolition have remained safely consistent for over 20 years, and will continue this way, especially when it comes to lives and project quality.
Whether a certain project is in London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Oxfordshire or wherever, integrity towards safety is our business. We back this up by our safety record and criteria such as our health and safety policies and procedures and whatever is required. Northside Demolition's record is a testimony to our confidence, investment and competence which we openly offer to contractors requiring expertise despite the current market trend. We welcome responses and opinions from individuals and companies who wish to comment on this article please?
Northside Demolition Team

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  1. Dave Wilson

    Top job everytime Northside...Well done again.

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  2. Martin Howard

    Congratulations on your attitude to Demolition and a job well done at Liverpool's Moor House too. well Done!

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  3. Mitchell

    Top notch job again in London boys.

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  4. Tyler J

    Thanks for all your help Northside, be in touch soon. Tyler

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  5. John G Cole

    Top job in North London, Thanks and appreciated. Especially the perfect asbestos removal too. Jack.

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  6. Kevin Tyler

    Top job from this company as always!!! Kev.

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  7. M C Howard

    Its no chance with your company because you dont take any. Job is carried out well with perfect safety record despite diminishing costs. Well done Northside!

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  8. Michael T Lewis

    Great service, asbestos removal, demolition and all the strip out to perfection. Thanks Mike.

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  9. P H Smith

    Thanks again, would always recommend Northside Demolition on any demo job. Peter Hunter-Smyth

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  10. L. Carter

    I totally agree, in London Demolition is just as dangerous as it ever was and could deteriorate due to financial costs. Having associated with Northside Demolition, their record does speak for itself and I applaud their resillience in maintaining and managing a safe company in todays desperate market. Well done Northside!!!

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  11. Simon M

    We used you in the past, and will be more than happy to use you again with your obvious qualities and expertise.

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  12. J Randall

    Totally agree with your outlook, but depends on your service , I am keen to try on my next project. Jeremy

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